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Sophie 'HoneyBun' Southwell-Wright is a five month old Fawn Minilop rabbit. Her most distinguishing feature is her huge white tail. She likes cabbage, destroying things and having a scratch. She dislikes perfume and dried fruits. Sophie has gained fame by appearing in the newspaper!

The little girl in the picture is me aged about 8, the rabbit that you can only just make out, (due to the quality of my copy of the picture) is Sooty. Sooty was my first rabbit. Aptly named due to his colour. He had the mildest, sweetest temperament. My godfather gave him to me when I was six as a present. (Having discussed it through with my parents first) I was rabbit mad even before Sooty, and loved to watch wild rabbits playing in the fields. Sooty was a very very special rabbit. He was regularly allowed in the house, and lived inside full time during the winter. He did also have a very spacious hutch and run that my grandfather built to my specifications!

Our dog Ben was his best friend and they would snuggle up together all the time. When mum was pregnant with my little brother and then later my younger sister Sooty took to sitting on her bump, and would lie there contentedly for hours. He lived through two house moves without complaint and was fit and healthy till the day he passed away of natural causes aged six and a half. I have many many happy memories of the time that I shared with him, cuddling, stroking, playing. He was a very affectionate rabbit.

For many years I presumed that Sooty was a she, and it was only when we got Bunnie (Who reminded me of Sooty the minute I saw him, like Sooty had come back to me!) and I was telling my dad about Bunnie that dad confessed that Sooty had been a boy all along!