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Roy said I could have a rabbit because we didn't have room for a cat or a litter pan. There was no question Pez would live inside with us, so there entered the litter pan we didn't have room for before I often joked with Roy that had he just gotten me a cat we wouldn't have ended up with 6 rabbits... but had he gotten me a cat, we never would have shared our lives with Pez. I will be forever grateful that Roy didn't let me get a cat

Pez was amazing he instantly taught us what loving companions rabbits can make, and how little we knew about them! He ripped our wall paper, ate our plants, chewed all of Roy's computer cables. We learned about bunny proofing, vaccinations, and lets not forget neutering! He followed us around the house like a puppy, hence his nickname 'Pezzy pups', or 'puppy'. He gave us kisses, we didn't know a bunny gave kisses, but Pez did. We rushed home from our wedding reception because we missed him. We didn't think it would be fair to leave him alone all day for so long, so we left long before any of our guests did. Our life revolved around Pez, making sure he had the best food, the best medical care, leafies even if it was 2 am, isn't that why they have all night supermarkets?

Because he was so wonderful we realized our love for rabbits and soon got him a friend, Meer. Then suddenly we had 6 rabbits! We used to blame Pez, 'It's all your fault Pez, if you weren't so wonderful we wouldn't want more!'. He would just lay there being the fur puddle he was. He quickly took command of his new warren. The other rabbits respected him and he was their leader, the Royal Bunny, even the dogs respected him. He would look at you so regally, so royally, you had no choice but to think he was distinguished.